Meet the team at NwP:

Way back in the 90’s, NwP founder Al Cattabiani started a company, Wellspring, whose goal was to bring useful information on holistic living to the mainstream. Through a series of odd twists, Wellspring became a distributor of high-end arthouse and foreign-language films. It was lovely, but Al never forgot Wellspring’s original idea; and is finally taking another shot. Maybe this time he’ll get it right…

Cindy Grogan is a longtime freelance writer, having worked in a ton of different industries, writing a ton of different things. Her background in radio is a natural fit for her love of music – anything from the Beatles to Hank Williams, Sr. to Prokofiev. A rabid consumer of pop culture, metaphysics and politics, Cindy finds the smartass tendencies that once got her grounded now serve her well in Facebook arguments. Oh, and she also loves cats.

Allison Rapp’s first concert was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at age 14, and since then she has been a full-time rock n’ roller. She lives, writes, and works on documentary film in New York City. When she’s not at a concert or spinning vinyl, she tweets from @allisonrapp22.

Allison Whitehead is a full-time writer, working on various blog posts, articles, and associated projects for clients in the UK and beyond. She’s on Twitter and you can also reach her on LinkedIn. When she’s not working, she cooks, she reads, she tries to grow things in the garden… with some success. Occasionally. If things are going well.

April Hanna is a recent graduate from Ramapo College of New Jersey majoring in communications and writing. Born in May (not April), she enjoys writing poetry, creative nonfiction, and biographical sketches. April is also an avid supporter of the Oxford comma. You can find April writing custom poetry on @venmopoems.

Ellen Fagan is a forever New Yorker, long-time Greenwich Village resident, and vintage Duke University graduate with hippie-esque leanings. The best description of Ellen was given to her by a sardonic lawyer during the voir dire of one of her myriad Jury Duty stints: “…housewife, mom, voracious reader, freelance writer, copy editor, jewelry designer, and frequent cyber-sleuth.”

An admitted media junkie, Greg Boegner grew up in Houston obsessing over “The Brady Bunch” and Mad Magazine. Feeding his addiction further, he studied journalism, film, and TV, and moved to the center of his world Hollywood. After 20 years in “the biz” (including a business meeting with crush Marcia Brady), he relocated to southern Portugal, spending days streaming Netflix, eating pastel de nata, and developing his digital platform Portugal Confidential.

John Arena comes from a long line of expert pizza artisans. He’s crafted pizza for several US presidents and runs one of Las Vegas’ most successful pizza restaurant chains.

Marybeth Connaughton has written for art and culture publications both in the U.S. and abroad. She loves art, literature, travel, music, and finding ways to communicate these passions without making her friends’ eyes glaze over. You can find her pretending to participate in social interactions while secretly Shazaming.

Michael Sarno has a Bachelor’s degree in history so you know he takes the history of music seriously. An avid student of 20th-century rock, he spends his time writing/researching underappreciated stories and resurfacing unforgettable anecdotes. Michael currently resides in Boston and can be reached at and followed at @vanzkantdanz on Instagram.

Sharon Oliver is a freelance writer and cozy mystery novelist. A native northerner currently living somewhere in the south, she loves British detective shows and will cover and defend (especially funk) music-related news to the bitter end because this is One Nation Under A Groove. Twitter: @olivershar7

Stephanie Brandhuber is a freelance film, arts, and culture writer based in London. Deciding to ignore childhood warnings that too much movie-watching would give her square eyes, she went on to gain a Master’s Degree in Film Studies from King’s College London and loves discussing the artistic merits of George Kuchar films with anyone who’ll listen. Other achievements include performing tight-rope in a French circus, successfully cooking a soufflé, and being able to do a moderately good Scottish accent.

Denise Lim is a freelance writer and blogger. As a writer, she writes about animals, films, and environmental sustainability. When she is not writing, she obsesses over the cuteness of her rescued pets, re-watches her favorite movie for the umpteenth time or otherwise tends to her proud compost-grown edible garden. You can find her on her blog, Denise Who Writes.

Mickey Z. can be found on Instagram. He is also the founder of Helping Homeless Women – NYC, offering direct relief to women on the streets of New York City. To help him grow this project, please spread the word!

Heather Grant is a recent English Language and Literature graduate from Northern England (where rainy days mean lots of reading!) and a freelance writer on all thing’s health and wellbeing. She loves cooking vegan food (@hangryvegan_ on insta), yoga, baby turtles, dancing like nobody’s watching, and drinking too much coffee. You can find her work @writtenbyheather on Facebook and @heather_written on Twitter. Her website is

Judy Rae Brooks is a television and radio personality who created and co-hosted Healing Quest, the TV series on PBS stations across the country. Judy started her broadcast career in radio & returned to her first love 3 years ago co-hosting Healing Quest on iHeart Radio. When not working she and Roy spend time with friends & family which includes – 4 sons, 8 grandchildren and her daughters-in-love. Her latest adventure is launching a new podcast “Wild Woman Wisdom” her intention – HAVE FUN – sharing some of what she’s learned in the media, healing arts & life!