You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup: 8 Self-Care Ideas

It’s easy to get lost in everything going on these days, so much so that you simply forget to take care of yourself. Most times, when you overwork your body, in trying to deal with all the responsibility and taking care of others, your body will retaliate. This can be in the form of reduced productivity or full-on burnout. Either way, these are indicators that you desperately need a Self-Care Day.

For many people, the idea of “self-care” is foreign. They associate taking a day — even a few hours — for themselves as “wasting time.”  Since self-care notions often come with a connotation of luxury, some regard it as an unattainable ideal. However, with the pandemic, the concept has been redefined.

Simple Things to Do for Self-Care

Consider pushing things around to carve out a few hours or even a whole a day. Use that time to give your mind and body the break they deserve. Your reward will be being returned to full functionality, with fresh energy and perspective.

Self-Care Days are all about giving love to yourself in the best ways that you know how to do. This keeps the concept flexible and makes it one that can be customized according to your interests and available resources.

1.     Get started with a glass of wine

You want to relax. In case you feel guilty for abandoning some responsibility, you might need a little help. Some people struggle with slowing down; if you’re one of them, pour yourself your favorite drink. It doesn’t matter whether you pick a beer, wine, whiskey, vodka, a cup of cocoa – or opt for some recreational marijuana: the goal is to begin your journey to Relaxation.

2.     Look good

While there’s a strong temptation to stay in your pajamas all day, consider doing something extra with your “look.” Since most people have been working from home and going out has been minimal, you likely have an outfit or two that you miss. Go through your closet to find the clothes that used to elevate your mood — and wear them.

Looking good for yourself has a massive impact on how you feel.

3.     Eat the right food

Your choice in food for Self-Care Day is dependent on how you’re feeling. Listen to yourself: do you need/want healthy items, or are you inclined towards some junk? Do you want something savory or sweet? Pay attention to your palate and eat whatever is right for the moment. (Hey, it’s one day to indulge yourself…) Also, are you looking to make a meal or order in?

4.     Dance parties

Those who enjoy music and dancing will appreciate some time to catch up on new music or their favorite classics. This form of release is great for both the physical body and the mind. If you have a yard, consider dancing barefoot outside to feel the ground under your feet.

5.     Movie marathon

Go through your favorite categories and select a few movies that you can watch back to back. When it comes to marathons, classics are always a winning choice. They’ll take you back to a time when maybe you didn’t need a Self-Care Day! Those feelings associated with when you first experienced your favorite films can be really effective for relaxation.

6.     Read

Avoid anything — book, magazine, blog — that you associate with work and opt for something completely different. Delve into fun, lively pieces that help you step away from the everyday and refocus on what you love. If you enjoy audiobooks and podcasts, go for those.

7.     Take a walk

Nature always offers refreshment of the spirit. Taking a simple walk is the best way to reconnect and find grounding in nature. Use this as an opportunity to explore areas you haven’t been to before.

8.     Meditation and mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness practices remind us of the very essence of life. Paying attention to something as simple as our breathing — even for a few minutes — makes us more aware of the simple things that truly matter. Self-care is about not letting the external elements that bombard us every day to take over, but rather tapping in to limitless resources like Love, Breath, and Gratitude and redirecting them our way.


No matter what activities you indulge in, one essential element of any Self-Care Day is “unplugging.” Stay away from social media and the internet. This allows you to notice things you wouldn’t while your screen was bombarding you with way too much information.

P.S: For some of us, “self-care” means getting all those neglected chores done on your designated “day.” This might mean taking time to organize the house, purge closets, do laundry, and what have you. It may not seem relaxing to others, but if it results in a better-feeling environment for you, go for it. The whole point of a Self-Care Day is to do what feels most satisfying for you!

-Wahu Kariuki



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