Does Your Soul Need Some Attention?

We live hectic lives, leaving us with very little energy at the end of the day. This can affect our ability to promote the life we want to live. Instead, we may opt to sit in front of the television or take ourselves off to bed, because we have no concentration left and feel so exhausted.

We can feel disconnected from our passion and creativity because we don’t have time to pause, to just be in the moment. We may feel disconnected from our bodies, our hopes, dreams, and our soul. We may have lost touch with who we really are and what we want in our lives.

It might not be easy to claw time away from our busy schedules but our whole being truly needs us to do this. Here are some simple ways to reclaim the deeper parts of us and “tend to our soul.”

Get Out In Nature

When we take time to sit in nature, preferably woodland, a beach, or in wild surroundings, we begin to reconnect. Giving ourselves time to sit quietly on Mother Earth, we start to feel calmer, more connected. Over time, She will speak to your heart and soul. You may notice that you become more patient, more eco-conscious, more caring. Your intuition and perception will be heightened as you continue with this practice.

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A Shamanic Exercise

This also involves being alone in nature. Sit in the same place every day. This practice utilizes all your senses. Whilst sitting in your chosen place, listen to the sounds around you. Be aware of your sense of smell. Is the scent fragrant, woody, or earthy? You will notice how the scent changes after the rain, in the snow, and during each season.  Notice the trees and plants, appreciating their unique shapes.  You may wish to go over to a specific tree and touch the leaves and the bark. You might touch the delicate petals of primrose in spring or the juicy fruit of a blackberry bush in autumn. As you do this daily, you will discover a sense of connection. You will sense changes in the weather and “feel” changes in the atmosphere. This practice will alleviate stress and you’ll feel calmer and in control.

Dream Practices

Keep a notepad by your bed and tell your mind that you intend to remember any dream you may have during the night. If the dream wakes you up, quickly write down the key points. When you wake in the morning, write out any other details you remember. During the day, re-read your dream notes and do a short meditation on your dream. Set the intention that you want to discover the meaning of your dream. As you practice this, you will be able to use the insights to enhance your life.

Simple Yoga Practices

Choose whatever type of Yoga you feel drawn to (there are many varieties for all fitness levels). This not only helps your body and mind but also increases your connection to yourself and others.

Meditation Practices

Try to meditate for at least ten minutes every day. You can choose a specific type of meditation, do it in silence or with soothing music in the background.

Initially, you might find yourself caught up in your thoughts. Every time you realize you’re “thinking,” bring yourself back to your breath. Concentrating on your breathing, as it naturally inhales and exhales, helps you stay present.

As you continue this practice, you will notice that you start to feel calmer and more connected.

Earth Walking

Research has shown that multiple electrons on the earth have benefits for our health. Walk barefoot in your garden or out in nature. Doing this practice regularly can result in better sleep, plus reduction of pain, inflammation, and stress.

Walking Meditation

This should be done in a natural setting like a forest or meadow. During this walk, your goal is to remain present.

Notice your surroundings, the trees, and plants.  Notice what you hear. Are there bees humming or birds singing? What other sounds can you hear? Are there flowers in bloom? What is the weather like? Can you feel the sun on your face? What scents are in the air? Is it raining? Notice how the rain collects on the leaves or the petals of a flower.

What You Eat Makes A Difference

Plant-based foods with added herbs and spices increase your connection with your body, your life, and the planet. You might want to make a nourishing soup or smoothie. If available, use organic and fresh ingredients.

Practice Gratitude Daily

Express gratitude for all that is good in your life, even the tiniest of things. You can practice gratitude at any time during your day. Write it down in a special journal, or simply say “thank you” to the Powers That Be.


Play music that fires up your soul. Dance or sing along, if so inspired. Alternatively, sit with your eyes closed and just let the music flow through you.

Do Something That Brings You Joy

Create a beautiful meal.

Jump the waves on a beach.


Listen to a comedian who makes you laugh.

Pick some wildflowers and arrange them in a vase.


I hope some — or all — of these practices bring you joy and peace.

-Kaarina Vanderkamp


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