The Health Benefits of Stress Balls

Having a soft and squidgy ball to squeeze may not seem like a practical way of dealing with stress. However, a deeper dive into the functionality of stress balls shows that this is a product with proven advantages for your mental and physical health.

The Original Purpose Of A Stress Ball

Originally stress balls were created as a way of releasing your tensions and reducing your stress. Though it’s not an effective preventative measure, it has had good results in providing relief from the strain that stress can cause.

The idea of a stress ball dates all the way back to about 1368 AD in China however, since then the design of these balls has adapted somewhat as our understanding has deepened and many different types are now made. One version commonly used today is Baoding balls which are designed to be rotated in your hand to stimulate specific acupuncture points which then relieve stress.

What Else They Can Do For You?

Not only are stress balls great as relief for tensions and built-up anxieties, but they have a multitude of other benefits. Some physiotherapists recommend the use of stress balls for improving your hand coordination and also when rehabilitation of the hand is needed when recovering from an injury.

Its use also improves blood circulation; every time you press a soft version of a stress ball it can make your heart beat faster and improves the oxygen levels within your brain. So while they don’t prevent stress, these squishy balls they can be a good addition to help prevent heart disease or hypertension.

Other benefits are said to include enhanced emotional stability, muscle strengthening in the hands, lowered blood pressure, arthritis pain relief, increased creativity, better sleep, and greater concentration.

The Different Types of Stress Balls

Not all stress balls have the same advantages. Though the soft squeezing types seem to have the most overall benefits, each one, whether to squeeze, throw, or rotate in the palm of your hand, has its own unique specialty. Some are better for different conditions than others; make sure that you listen to your medical professional and follow their recommendation.

While stress balls are not a cure to all your ailments, they’re a handy mindfulness/wellness tool. Think about adding one to your daily routine.

-J.L. Newman

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