Adult Lego Sets: The “New” Grown-up Pastime

During the pandemic, the Danish company Lego has seen a tremendous sales spike due to grown-ups discovering a new way to relax by escaping to this old childhood pastime (which was usually spent sprawled all over the floor). That’s right: building Lego sets. It may not be sexy and it does involve connecting dozens of pieces, but a growing number of people are finding mindfulness and stress relief by constructing replicas of famous structures.

Introduced as a children’s toy in 1932, Lego kits are attracting quite the adult following these days. That’s an 86-year-old legacy that has evolved from a game to Legoland theme parks and hotels around the world. With that said, the company continues to develop a laundry list of sets to build for conversation pieces or as a collectible, resulting in a room full of plastic aesthetics.

Imagine perking up your plain-looking desk with a Lego flower bouquet. Perhaps you may want to impress your friends with a bookshelf display of London architecture that includes Big Ben, the London Eye, and the Tower Bridge, which can be raised and lowered. Since you cannot really go out and see the world, why not bring the world home to you? Some of the skyline and landmark kits worth checking out include New York City’s awesome skyline complete with a Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the Flatiron Building. For sleek architecture, the “Shanghai” set features the Chenghuang Miao Temple, the Shanghai Tower, Radisson Blu Hotel, and Longhua Temple and Pagoda.

Have a serious diehard Star Wars fan in the family? Brighten their day with a Star Wars-themed Lego gift. Same with Marvel. A DC Comics lover might appreciate receiving a Batman’s Batmobile set. Television and movie buffs may be interested in themes such as Friends’ Central Perk building, Stranger Things’ upside-down building, or any of the Harry Potter kits.

The company’s Botanical series is specifically aimed at those seeking peace and tranquility with a little added beauty. The Lego Bonsai Tree model has two types of trees: evergreen and sakura (Japanese cherry blossom). However, you can create new trees to reflect changing seasons. The kit also comes with tiny pink frogs hiding in cherry blossom petals, a rectangular flowerpot, and a wooden pedestal. The Lego Flower Bouquet contains asters, daisies, snapdragons, poppies, roses, and pampas grass. The flower stem is adjustable, allowing the flower arrangement to fit in any size vase with ease.

It is nice to know you can build and create something when everything else in the world seems to be falling apart. Go ahead — dip your oar in the water and give these sophisticated Lego kits a try!

-Sharon Oliver

Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash

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