A Better Way to Start Your Day

“Here comes the sun (doo a doo doo)/here comes the sun (and I say)/it’s all right…”

George Harrison captured a certain, timeless vibe with his classic, “Here Comes the Sun.” The magic and possibilities of a brand-new sunrise often get lost in our rush to fall out of bed, grab a coffee and get on with it.

But what if you actively observed this sacred part of the day? Hawaiian healers offer a ceremony that involves the ocean, the sunrise, and acknowledgment of the power we each hold within us. Even if you can’t take a morning dip in the Pacific or chant on a beach, this short segment might offer some inspiration for starting your day with more intention.

Our friends at Healing Quest TV have been on to a wide variety of subjects waaaay before the rest of us caught on. They’re celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, so we wanted to share one of their Greatest Hits. Enjoy!

-The NwP Team

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