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5 Inspiring Meditation Teachers to Follow On Instagram

How was your last scroll through Instagram? Were you left feeling discouraged or inspired? Social media impacts pretty much every aspect of our lives these days. And our moods and emotions are all too often affected by who or what pops up in our feeds.

If you’ve read our article about mindful scrolling, hopefully, you’re already following some feel-good accounts. In addition to those, there are several meditation teachers on Instagram who share their wisdom and advice. We’ve listed five accounts that encourage us to lead more peaceful and mindful lives.

Sharon Salzberg – @sharonsalzberg

Sharon Salzberg is a world-renowned meditation teacher, author, and podcaster. She’s also a co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society, an organization dedicated to the study of Buddhism. Sharon’s Instagram feed is filled with simple quotes, visualizations, and loving-kindness prompts. She always leads her followers back to the breath. By following Sharon, you’ll learn how easy and fun, yet powerful, meditation can be.

Sebene Selassie – @sebeneselassie

Sebene Selassie is a meditation teacher, author, and self-proclaimed Dharma nerd. Her Instagram account is filled with brief snapshots of her life and longer insights about self-love and acceptance. Sebene recently published a book called You Belong, which is exactly what it feels like when you follow her on Instagram. Her posts are always honest, straightforward, and sincere. Follow Sebene to experience connectedness and discover your true self.

Jack Kornfield – @jack_kornfield

Jack Kornfield is a Buddhism practitioner and author. He is a co-founder of both the Insight Meditation Society as well as Spirit Rock Center, a meditation retreat. Jack’s Instagram account includes short quotes, pictures, and videos of his teachings. His account is genuine and thoughtful, which is a reflection of his meditation instruction and personality. Follow Jack for purposeful affirmations and lessons on finding inner peace.

Yung Pueblo – @yung_pueblo

Yung Pueblo, also known as Diego Perez, is a writer, speaker, and meditator. While he’s technically more of a meditation student than a teacher, his acquired wisdom has inspired millions to lead a more meaningful life. His Instagram posts are filled with words about relationships, forgiveness, and transformation. By following Yung Pueblo, you’re bound to come away with a greater sense of purpose and understanding.

Tara Brach – @tarabrach

Not only is Tara Brach a meditation teacher but she’s also a psychologist. This allows her to seamlessly blend Eastern and Western philosophies. You’ll uncover peace and serenity between Tara’s breathtaking Instagram photos and sage words. In what otherwise might be a chaotic Instagram feed, Tara is a breath of fresh air. She even shares a glimpse into the free guided meditations she offers on her website. If you follow Tara, you’ll come away with increased gratitude and joy.

Through words and photos, these meditation teachers provide their followers with valuable life lessons. If you want to feel inspired and at peace, ditch the accounts that make you feel down. Instead, follow more authentic communities like the ones listed above.

-Gina Kelly

Photo: Unsplash

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