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10 Teas to Ease Anxiety and Depression


Daily life can be tough — and some days, more stressful than usual.  Enter tea, more specifically, herbal teas. Herbal teas are essentially herbal infusions, blended and then brewed with the option of adding in extra herbs, flowers, and spices for a delicious and aromatic taste. Herbal teas are known to help in supporting mental health, improving sleep quality, and a host of other issues that can wear on you. Consider brewing a “cuppa” of these herbal blends. Note: Always talk with your doctor before adding any kind of herbal tea to your routine.

Ginger and Lemon tea

The taste is slightly spicy and peppery; young gingers are also very juicy. Add that with some fresh lemon juice, which is a rich source of Vitamin C and you get a perfect concoction that has immunity-boosting properties that help to decrease nervous tension and lower blood sugar. Ginger root has many health benefits. It reduces anxiety and helps with menstrual cramps. It also assists with flushing out excess water weight from the body which can indirectly help you lose weight.

Lavender tea

If you need a pick-me-up, Lavender tea is for you. It’s known to be a mood stabilizer while also lowering anxiety and helping to heal skin conditions. If you have a sudden onset of acne from stress, this is the tea to drink!

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is helpful in dealing with feelings of anxiety. It’s also a boost when you’re feeling drained. Even just smelling the aroma of Peppermint minimizes feelings of frustration, angst, and fatigue.

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is a traditional tonic used to ease feelings of apprehension and mental fogginess. If you’re studying for a test or getting ready for a work presentation, have a cup of Gotu Kola to calm your nerves.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm comes from the same family as mint. It’s not only good for sleeplessness but helpful for combating depression. When you feel a little sad, or it’s a gloomy day, get yourself a nice cup of lemon balm tea and turn your frown upside down.

Chamomile Tea

Did your grandma ever give you chamomile tea when you had a sore throat? Well, she was right! Beyond soothing a raw throat and staving off a cold, it’s also good for promoting relaxation.

Turmeric Tea

Have a cup of turmeric tea to improve mental focus. With so many anti-inflammatory properties, this tea can also boost your mood and soothe any stress-related headaches.

Valerian Tea

Valerian tea is a perfect herbal beverage to improve sleep, decrease stress, and reduce menopausal symptoms like cramps and irritability.

Green Tea

Take green tea with honey if you’re ready to improve your brain function. It also contains healthy bioactive compounds and antioxidants that help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Passionflower Tea

If you need a good night’s rest, Passionflower tea is just the thing. It’s perfect for calming a worried mind and easing you into a peaceful slumber. Good sleep is critical for reducing cortisol, the stress hormone.

Make tea a daily ritual

Start a routine of making a daily cup of tea for yourself as a small, meditative break. Start the kettle and choose a favorite mug. Take a deep breath. Slow down. As your tea steeps, enjoy the smell wafting from the cup. The purpose of daily tea is to ultimately bring more peace and focus so you can take on each day with less mental distress. Tea doesn’t have to be your coffee substitute any longer; it can now be your drink of choice to help manage your daily anxiety and stress.

-Blue Bliss



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