The Most Relaxing Sounds In the World

We live in a crazy-busy world in which grabbing any moment of tranquility is more important than ever. The solution is as close as your ears; here’s a list of go-to relaxing sounds that will never fail to help you unwind after the toughest, most high-stress kind of day.

Water Ambience

Hearing the sound of waves crashing onto the beach or a gentle river stream trickling down the gulley can transport you to a place of peace and comfort.

Even rain sounds can make you feel cozy and wash away all other preoccupations. Many water-based soundtracks have the same effect as white noise.

White Noise

This is audio that includes all the audible frequencies that you can hear. It sounds like static but the constant rhythm of the wide spectrum of sounds in constant repetition drowns out all other distractions and noises.

White noise machines are great for those trying to get to sleep; your mind takes in a host of audio information that doesn’t amount to anything. Pretty soon, you’re off to Dreamland.

Nature Sounds

Many people venture into Nature to relax in the simple solace that the outdoors provides. You can get a similar feeling by listening to the ambient sounds of nature from various different settings.

This may be the sound of crickets, birds singing in the morning, the creatures of the jungle, or something else. Whichever your preference, this is a charming way to feel unified with the earth and immerse yourself in its various environments.

City Atmosphere

Not everyone is a “country” person. Some find the sounds of a bustling cafe or the hum of busy streets to be a source of mental and emotional peace. Make yourself feel like you’re in the center of the city and avoid any anxiety that too much “quiet” can bring.

Calming Music

Everyone has a different music preference. However, calming music is designed to link to the rhythm of your heartbeat. Listening to fast-paced music can excite you; slower beats with a steady pace can help slow down your heart and breath and help you into a deep state of calm.

There are a variety of ways to utilize these sounds in your day, especially through the host of available apps (like Calm) for your phone. Pick one you enjoy; just make sure that it goes slow, low, and doesn’t startle you with any sudden changes in pitch or pace.

-J.L. Newman



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