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Negative Energy Is A “Thing.” Here’s How to Fight It

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“Negative energy” isn’t something that can be measured by science, but as humans, we recognize it instantly. Often, it comes from negative people, your environment, or the inner workings of your brain. Letting negative energy overwhelm you is exhausting and can lead to a downward spiral. Many people dealt with it during the pandemic but weren’t sure how to pull themselves into a more positive place. We’re living through a time where negativity is all around, all the time. Here’s how to stay in touch with yourself and fend off those toxic vibes.

1. Avoid negative self-talk

While other people around us can spread negativity, we often do it to ourselves without realizing it. Self-talk is the stream of consciousness that runs through our minds daily but remains unspoken. When you speak poorly about yourself, you actually reduce the strength of your immune system and risk your cardiovascular health as well.

2. Don’t give negative people power

Someone with negative energy can suck the joy out of a room – or so it seems. In reality, it’s just a challenge to take power over your brain. Don’t give that person permission to steal your positivity. Hold onto yourself and remind yourself that boundaries are OK at that moment, rather than letting the negativity overwhelm you.

3. Stop criticizing others

Just like you should avoid being around gossip or people that see things with a “glass-half-empty” perspective, examine your own tendencies to criticize others. Being critical is a common way for us to blame our own discomfort or issues on someone else. While it might feel good at the moment, it’s pretty disempowering later on, especially if you’ve said these comments in front of other people.

4. Walk away

Often, negative people are just looking for a fight. After all, misery loves company; rather than engaging them and feeding that urge, ignore them and walk away from the situation. Once you’re engaged, you’re more likely to get fired up over a problem that could have been perfectly avoidable. Don’t assume you need to have a conversation – letting someone into your bubble is precious, and they need to earn your respect if they want in.

5. Focus on solutions rather than problems

Negative people focus on problems and will always find something to complain about, even if they live a privileged life. Rather than finding what you’re dissatisfied with or looking for someone to blame, try to focus on solutions instead. Still, this doesn’t mean you need to fix everybody: carrying others when they don’t want it will just cause you to enable negative energy.

6. Take care of yourself

As we mentioned above, you don’t need to fix everyone! Instead, focus on yourself. You can’t care properly for loved ones if you don’t put yourself first and prioritize your own joy. A self-care routine will help prevent burnout, a common source of negative energy. Prioritizing your mind, body, and spirit isn’t vain – it’s a way to maintain your strength and stay grounded.

-Naima Karp


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Naima Karp is a New York City native, and currently resides in Toronto, Canada with a remote career as a writer. She’s been completing content for nearly a decade on all things empowerment, relationship, fashion, and lifestyle-related. She has roots in many pots, being 1/2 Russian and 1/2 Pakistani, and hopes to learn as much as she can about other cultures while developing her presence as an author further.

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