Mellow Yellow: The Healing Powers of Damiana

In the world of holistic medicine, there are many herbs that have an array of benefits. From common herbs like lavender which can help you sleep better to more obscure ones such as damiana.

Damiana, also known as turnera diffusa, is a small shrub on which beautiful and delightfully fragrant yellow flowers bloom. Many compare the smell of the plant to chamomile. The shrub is native to southern Texas, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. After the flowers bloom in early to late summer, small fig-like fruits are produced.

Legend says that the herb was a part of the “original” Mexican margarita and sources prove that damiana was indeed an ingredient in Pemberton’s French Wine Coca, which was the 19th-century alcoholic version of the famous Coca-Cola. Like most natural herbs, damiana has many uses and benefits. Read on to discover the power of damiana.

Health Benefits Of Damiana

Today, like our ancient ancestors, many of us look to nature for cures to our health issues; the idea of eliminating synthetic drugs wherever possible is very attractive. Like other herbs, damiana can help prevent, cure, and eliminate a variety of health complications.

Damiana affects the central nervous system, as well as the hormonal system. The use of damiana outdates written records, but the first Spanish missionaries to Mexico claim that the Mexican natives drank tea made of damiana and sugar as an aphrodisiac (still a common use).  It’s rumored that taking this herb can improve sexual satisfaction, increase the frequency of orgasms, remedy vaginal dryness, treat erectile dysfunction, and essentially turn you on so that you’re ready to go!

However, damiana doesn’t just get you “in the mood,” it can also help sufferers of anxiety and depression. This powerful herb lifts spirits with a slight “high” that can positively affect your mental and physical state.

Common conditions such as headaches, constipation, and a nervous stomach are also issues damiana has been utilized for. People even claim that it helps them lose weight. However, one of the biggest ways in which damiana is used is for bladder and kidney-related issues. For centuries, Mexican natives have used this herb for everything from urinary tract infections to bedwetting. Though official studies haven’t confirmed that taking damiana will cure kidney disease, many natives will tell you differently.

How To Take Damiana

Damiana can be taken in a few different forms. You can easily get it as a capsule or tincture, but many people opt to smoke the herb directly, sometimes sprinkled into a blend. Or you can drink it in tea-form.

If you want to introduce damiana into your health regimen, be sure to educate yourself on the correct dosage, and get a quality product from a trusted source. Of course, be smart and talk to your doctor before introducing anything new into your daily routine.

-Laurie Riihimaki

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