5 Ways to Create an Abundance Mindset

Who doesn’t want to feel and be abundant? We all crave that comfort of feeling accomplished and fulfilled throughout our lives. Abundance is defined as prosperity, being plentiful, to essentially have more than what you need. Abundance as a mindset is that sense of achievement that gives us meaning and anchors our desires to hopefully manifest. With an abundance mindset, you become less envious and jealous as you believe that there is plenty of everything for everyone in the world.  Abundance yields kindness. Here are 5 ways you can cultivate an abundance mindset and manifest the life of your dreams.

Rewrite your beliefs about scarcity

As we grow up, we unconsciously absorb other people’s belief systems and indirectly claim them as our own. Often times these belief systems are not aligned with who we are. They are rooted in fear, lack, and scarcity. This does not equate to an abundant mindset. states that “By taking time to notice what type of thoughts are circulating in your head, you can begin to make a conscious effort to shift your thoughts towards abundance.”

A scarcity mindset stems from negative beliefs about you at the core. Therefore, when you start to think thoughts about lack and deficiency, this is how you begin to attract those experiences to your reality. With a scarcity mentality, you fear the unknown and believe there are lots of restrictions placed in front of you from achieving your dreams. This is the opposite of abundance. To change this, first, you must become aware that you are in fact projecting this scarcity belief system onto yourself. Next, shift from expectation to detachment. Release the pressure of victimhood. This will undoubtedly help you grow without limitations. This is how you rewrite your beliefs about abundance.

Caroline Castrillon writes on, “A scarcity mentality is what keeps many of us from achieving our goals. An abundance mindset refers to the paradigm that there is plenty out there for everybody.”

Be more authentic

To have an abundance mindset means that you believe in the value of yourself. You honor your gifts, your talents, and your uniqueness. Sure, you may feel insecurities once in a while, but overall, you accept your authenticity as this is how you reflect goodness out into the world. You strive to be transparent and stray away from copying others or stealing their ideas or work. You understand everyone has their own journey and you follow your journey with self-assurance. You can surely learn from others and accept their progress, but you don’t manipulate them or try to become them. You are sovereign. This sets up positive boundaries for yourself as you respect your path. This is what generates a positive and abundant mindset which additionally helps you set higher goals for yourself to achieve.

Karen Nimmo states via, “Don’t copycat other people’s goals. Getting what others have won’t bring you happiness. It just keeps you wanting whatever they get next. Which is unoriginal, boring (and expensive). So run your own race. Think about what brings you joy or satisfaction and base your goals around that.”

Have confidence in yourself

Easier said than done, but learning to have confidence in yourself is the gateway towards building an abundance mindset. You master the strength in your abilities to get the job done, to accomplish a task, to give yourself permission to grow and evolve. You see the potential in yourself. You invest in the learning of your passions, the reading of books, and the listening of podcasts. You relax into the excitement of the future. This is the peak of an abundant mindset: presence, excitement, and joy.

Matthew Toren writes for, “Those with increased self-esteem are more willing to seek solutions to common problems because they’re confident it they’ll turn out a positive result.”

Gratitude attitude

Gratitude and confidence are linked. Sometimes you’ll feel so confident about yourself and through this, gratitude will naturally come over you. Other times, when you don’t feel very confident, gratitude is trickier. Therefore, gratitude should always be your attitude, whether you’re feeling confident or not.

Gratitude is like a muscle, and we must work at it to maintain it. Someone with an abundance mindset is grateful and appreciative of everything they have in their life, even through the bumpy roads.  Developing an abundance mindset through gratitude improves both your personal and professional success. When you have gratitude, it alters your thinking and invites positive vibes to your space. This makes you feel aligned, content, and capable as an individual.

Become creative

Creativity breeds an abundance mindset. Whether you want to paint, dance, write, or sing, you are shifting from feelings of scarcity in that moment. Through creativity, you do not carry resistance to change. You allow the development of ideas and express them accordingly. This encourages positive thinking and expands your mind. Here you can celebrate your own and others’ successes.

Mark Pettit from states that “…you become more creative, more energized, and more confident. From this abundance mindset, you look for multipliers within your own business and life and seek other abundance mindset people to collaborate with.”

You have the potential to cultivate and maintain an abundance mindset by rewriting your belief system, becoming more authentic, building confidence, practicing gratitude, and working on your creativity. In developing an abundance mindset, you’re choosing to experience greater clarity and focus in your day-to-day life with your purpose, and this inspires a positive, happy, more meaningful life.

-Blue Bliss

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