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Wild Woman Wisdom: Nature + Spirituality = Earth Day

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Editor’s Note: We’re so pleased to share this content from our friend, Judy Rae Brooks of Healing Quest TV. Let us tell you a little more about Judy Rae: for decades, she’s been into wellness, integrative health, and spirituality. She’s been one of the “go-to” sources and advisors for so many people, whether through her TV/radio presence, as a writer — you name it. Judy has been waaay ahead of the curve on so many topics that we can’t even begin to count. We think of her as a kind of “pioneer woman,” having earned her wisdom in a hands-on way. And we’re thrilled she’s chosen to share her “Wild Woman Wisdom” with us! She packs a lot into these short podcasts, so enjoy!

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Judy Rae’s chat with author Sarah Wilson of “This One Wild and Precious Life” had soooo much going on, we decided to share all three episodes. Her take on Nature and spirituality cuts through the crap; it’s not the usual, woo-woo, earthy-crunchy stuff, and it’s just in time for Earth Day. There was a lot to cover (plus, her Aussie accent is fun…) It’s all fascinating. Do yourself a huge favor and check out each of these short podcasts!


-The NwP Team

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