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Vibrational Therapies: A New (and Old) Path to Healing

Sure, there are pills, procedures, and more to fix what ails us. But Mother Nature has quite the medicine chest of her own, with some surprising remedies.

When our bodies are out of whack, the energy coursing through us goes a little sideways. We literally go from “good vibrations” to not-so good ones. Turning to ancient tools like essential oils, crystals and more can have a profound effect on re-balancing us and getting us back into a better balance. More contemporary health experts are now finding that these Vibrational Therapies are worth including in many treatments.

Our friends at Healing Quest TV have been on to a wide variety of subjects waaaay before the rest of us caught on. They’re celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, so we wanted to share one of their Greatest Hits. Enjoy!

-The NwP Team

Photo by petr sidorov on Unsplash


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