A Different Kind of Tool to Help Your Pet

Crystal healing has been used by many cultures and over thousands of years to help heal and balance chaotic energies. They come in many forms, from posh jewelry to simple raw stones. These semiprecious/precious stones, gems, and rocks have long been utilized for more than their aesthetics: they also align the physical energy we all have within.

Our beloved pets pick up on our emotions — and they certainly have their own. Animals experience anxiety, grouchiness, and a plethora of feelings just as we do but sometimes express them in ways that are often misread.

Just as crystal healing can soothe a restless human mind/ body, they can do the same for your pet and can be a great alternative to medication or obedience school. However, we always suggest that you first consult with a veterinary expert to explore any potential health issues that might be triggering unusual behavior.

Types of Crystals

All crystals have properties that benefit our animals. They have the potential to help heal or improve physical, emotional, and mental states. Here are some popular crystals to consider for your pet (you can easily find them at rock and gem stores, or online).

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is infamously known as the “love” stone. This gem is great for enhancing togetherness, helping unfriendly pets get along, and introducing your pets to new people.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is referred to as the “master healer” stone, as it balances and regulates surrounding energy. Use it to calm anxious pets or those that experience separation anxiety.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is best known for strengthening intuition and heightening wisdom. This particular crystal may help to eliminate confusion, release emotional blockages, and return confidence to abused or emotionally traumatized pets.


Garnet is an energizing stone, known to bring in vitality, good luck, and protection. It may be good for depressed pets as it can uplift their mood.

How to Use

Crystals are not intended to treat any specific medical diagnosis (again, work with your vet first), but they can assist you and your pet in getting into a better balance and bring about healing.

Depending on your pet’s personality, you can incorporate crystals into their daily life in a number of ways.

-Try laying out a series of crystal stones for your pet and have them “choose” which one they prefer. Like humans, pets can be very intuitive and may resonate almost immediately to a crystal that’s best suited for them.

-Place a tumbled crystal, or pouch of small crystals, under your pet’s bed to assist them with restless sleep. If your pet seems a bit uncomfortable with the intense energy in their sleeping area, move it to a corner of the room where they spend most of their time.

-If possible, attach a small crystal to your pet’s collar and have them wear it throughout the day. This may not work for all pets, as some find the new addition to be annoying and they will spend a lot of time trying to take the crystal off.

-Consider purchasing a crystal water bowl for your pet. This way, their drinking water will be consistently infused with relaxing crystal energy.

-Amelia McDonald

Photo by Christian Domingues from Pexels

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