“The Way Home” (We Think You’ll Like This…)

Editor’s Note: Our friend, broadcaster Laura Smith, is as interested in new ways to think and live as we are. She was gracious enough to include NowWithPurpose’s founder, Al Cattabiani as her guest this week on her radio show, The Way Home with Laura Smith.

Here’s a chance for you to get to know us better, have a look “behind the scenes” as to why we established this site and what we hope to do for you in the long run. Have a listen (and if you’re in a hurry, the bit about NwP starts around 48.00); she always has interesting guests right in the same wheelhouse as what we’re doing.

Also, check out her earlier broadcasts for some engaging listening. And thanks for being part of our fast-growing NwP family!

-The NWP Team



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