The Return of Intuition (and How to Use Yours)

These are some seriously weird days. We’ve been forced to stay away from many of the usual people and distractions. But as hard as that is in “the real world,” I think it’s been a good thing for us in the general sense.

I’ve been a professional psychic now for going on 25 years. It’s never easy, what with all the “noise” of everyday life intruding. But what I’m discovering in this new era is that it’s a wee bit easier to sense those voices, whispers, nudges coming in from other dimensions.

Work with me here.

I believe that each and every one of us has an inborn channel into the Intuitive Realm. It’s a function that has served us since caveman days when “hunches” were something that often stood between our hairy ancestors and survival. As we’ve grown more sophisticated, that sense has gotten covered over, drowned out, dismissed…but in times like these, it gets revealed once again. And taking advantage of this natural gift can be enormously helpful when the world has gone sideways.

When I teach a class, I ask my students if they’ve ever had a “gut” feeling about something, gotten a weird “first impression” about someone they’ve just met– things like that. That’s intuition at work. You don’t have to utilize it to do readings as I do, but it’s a tool that’s at your disposal when the normal parameters are largely unavailable. And using it in conjunction with “normal” can really slice through the fog and get you to the next step.

There’s a particular Tarot card called “The Tower” which depicts our world literally falling down around us. Lightning strikes our comfortable existence, knocking us out of our comfort zone in a sudden, unexpected way. Sound familiar?


No one is immune (see the folks with the crowns? Yeah, they’re getting hit as well). The deeper meaning of the card is that this is a “necessary” change. And from that change comes wisdom.

So how can you utilize intuition to help guide you through these dramatic changes?

Basically, there are three ways that we get our intuitive info (you may have more than one).

  • In your body – you “feel” things in your gut or through various physical sensations (as in, you feel giddy, unusually hot or cold, fearful, and so on).
  • In your mind’s eye – you “see” things, an image or a rolling picture, like a movie clip.
  • In your mind’s ear – you “hear” a voice, a song, a sound from nature like a bird chirping, etc.

The key takeaway is that intuitive information stands out, as in, “Hmmm…that was weird…” I’m sure you can track back in your past to similar moments.

At this point, I would suggest getting a little notebook. When you’re trying to figure something out, note what “info” you get that doesn’t come from your head. This is a good way to track your journey. Some things may not make sense in the moment, but you can look back and see what your intuition was telling you. This also strengthens your awareness of how you get your information, making it easier to pick up on it moving forward.

Dreams are another way that intuition works and can offer powerful insight to a problem. Again, I suggest keeping a notebook nearby to record images, words, feelings from a dream. You can ask a simple question before going to sleep and then see what comes up in the dream state. If you don’t remember your dreams, it’s simple to train yourself to do so. I recommend that, whenever you wake up from one, stay still for a moment – this will help you recapture the main points (and it gets easier the more you do it).

We are all being tasked with reevaluating things. Ask yourself, where are you being drawn to now? If you’ve lost your job, this is a chance to see if you can do something different and better. It may sound trite, but this is an opportunity to look for a gig that fits who you are in this moment. Your intuition and dreams can provide some guideposts.

Likewise, this era may have you re-evaluating your relationships and lifestyle. Your natural intuition can help fill in some of those blanks, pushing you towards a more rewarding next step.

The bottom line is, you have an inborn tool available that can help you draw the next chapter(s) of your life in a healthier, more authentic way. Tap into it.

-Cindy Grogan

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Cindy Grogan is a longtime freelance writer, having worked in a ton of different industries, writing a ton of different things. Her background in radio is a natural fit for her love of music – anything from the Beatles to Hank Williams, Sr. to Prokofiev. A rabid consumer of pop culture, metaphysics, and politics, Cindy finds the smartass tendencies that once got her grounded now serve her well in Facebook arguments. Oh, and she also loves cats.

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  1. Loved reading your thoughts on intuition, I couldn’t agree with you more. People getting more in touch with their intuition during this unprecedented time may be one of the silver linings!

  2. Ellen C Fagan

    This is wonderful! Accessible & informative. We need all the inside help we can get. Many thanks.

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