The Great Reset: Shifting Your Life for Good

Over the years, we’ve become used to habits and systems that make our lives manageable and routine. It makes us feel in control, brings a sense of stability. We obsess over knowing the next move. Everything from the weather to job security; we just need to know. And that stems from a need to control. But life is not as predictable as we would like it to be. In the famous words of the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus of Ephesus, “The only constant in life is change.”

The entire world has been forced to adapt (the word “forced” was used intentionally). Because not only were the majority of us not prepared for the many changes thrown our way, but many would rather life return to what was. Now that change has come, and is not irreversible, how can we “reset” our lives to do better? Let’s discuss.

1. Self-reflect

Just like there are times when a laptop must update itself, the same is needed for our lives. Self-reflection is paramount when considering a change. Were you living life to its fullest potential before this interruption? Was your 9-5 truly fulfilling, or did you feel obliged to hold onto it because the bills had to be paid? Can you honestly say that you’re satisfied with where you are in life, and with its trajectory? Take into account every factor and assess the reality you’re presently living. Is the job, the relationship, the friends,  your habits contributing to the life that you envisioned for yourself?

This is the first step in a reset. An article posted on The Business Insider website reads “Nearly 40% of workers would consider quitting if their bosses made them return to the office full time, a new survey shows.” The argument is, that thanks to the pandemic forcing many employees to work remotely, is there a need to return to morning commutes? Working remotely has proved that time, money, and gas could be saved by accomplishing the task without being present at the desk. The impact benefits not only employees but also employers, who can now nullify the use of office space and eliminate the costs of electricity and rent. Determining what works and what doesn’t is key to restructuring your life for the better.

2. Declutter Your Life

Think of the state of your bedroom or garage when it’s disorderly. The clutter of items thrown about can cause disorder, not only in your atmosphere but also in your mind. Decluttering encompasses removing the old and making room for the new; or at least organizing more efficiently. For example, ever since the pandemic, countless businesses have been operating primarily from a digital platform. Digital Commerce 360 posted an article in January 2021 entitled, “Coronavirus adds $105 billion to US e-commerce in 2020.” The research found that online sales went up $32.4% in 2020, making that year the highest online annual sales growth of any year since data was available. That’s lots of “stuff.”

The old way of conducting business has turned obsolete due to social distancing. Such is the case with decluttering one’s life. The things that no longer benefit your life, and are of little or no use, must be reorganized. And if necessary, removed.

3. Shift Your Focus

With unessential things out of the way, time to refocus. In order to achieve the mental clarity needed for innovation, holding on to the past will only hinder your creativity and progress. Letting go of unproductive habits can be done with strategies such as affirmations and journaling. It’s important to also surround yourself with positive influences.

4. Challenge Yourself

Resetting is akin to starting over. That calls for breaking out of your comfort zone and embracing some challenges. Whatever they may be, this shift should not be met with resistance. Your prior successes, while worthy of recognition, are a part of your “old” life. Stepping into a new way demands that you push past the limits in areas that were once foreign to you. Your reset button requires a new and improved version of yourself. Ultimately, that should be the purpose of the reset.

The fact is, the entire world is being reset. The United Nations, along with the World Economic Forum, started The Great Reset initiative in May 2020. It came as a direct response to the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic. I mention this to emphasize the fact that resets are unavoidable, even on a global level. Change is imminent, so press the “reset” button today.

-Akil Dathorne

Photo by Piret Ilver on Unsplash

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