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“Good News” Sites to Lift Your Mood

Every day, mainstream news bombards us with fear-inducing and depressing stories. While I find it essential to keep up with what goes on around the globe, it’s often stressful, and it triggers anxiety. Much of the focus is on disaster, conflict, politics, and scandals.

Isn’t there anything good to read about? ABSOLUTELY! Here are some “good news” sites to start your day with (or to enjoy any time).

Positive News

Positive News was founded in 1993 with the aim of producing independent positive news stories for all to read. This type of writing is referred to as “constructive journalism,” which focuses on the happier news in the world. You can find this ‘good’ news source online or in print, in a quarterly magazine.

This site and magazine focus on various topics, including the environment, lifestyle, society, economics, and science. Because it’s a UK-based organization, you’ll find more stories with a British slant. However, they have an entire section dedicated to positive global news.

The Optimist Daily

This site’s goal is to hasten the shift in human consciousness by providing a positive mindset to start the day via a dose of hopeful news.

While some good news sites aim to be an alternative to mainstream news, The Optimist Daily would rather be an outlet for people to soak in uplifting news for the day. This site doesn’t just focus on positive stories; it offers a substantial archive of personal development techniques and tips as well.

The Happy Newspaper

This quarterly newspaper is by British writer and illustrator Emily Coxhead. For those of you (like me) who prefer a good old-fashioned newspaper, this may be an option for you.

This 32-page newspaper launched in 2015 after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s available on a subscription basis and offers an offline positive news alternative, which allows you time away from your screens.

The news is arranged chronologically by month, with each issue centering around a specific happy theme. You’ll also find a section titled “Everyday Heroes” that looks at some incredible inspirational organizations and people. The heroes are nominated by The Happy News readers. If you’re worried about not having this fantastic newspaper available to you in your area, no worries. It is available as a subscription or gift subscription worldwide.

Mainstream news can be depressing. Not that they don’t include positive stories, but I can count on one hand the positive information published as opposed to the massive amount of harsh realities put out there each day. Below you’ll find a couple of bonus news sources to fill you up with a bit of cheer.

Good News Network

r/Uplifting News

Consider this piece a sneak-peak into the world of positive news outlets. Remember, all news can be important, but there should always be a balance in life. I personally review mainstream news in the morning, followed directly by some “good” news. Then, in the evening or before bed, I’ll read some more positive news to put my mind in a happy place before I sleep.

-Elaina Garcia

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