5 Facts To Shift Your Idea Of Reality

Humans have come a long, long way from the days when we thought the sun revolved around the Earth (thanks, Galileo), that the blood of a Roman gladiator could cure epilepsy or that evil spirits lived in Brussels sprouts (OK, I still believe that one). Can you imagine what our great-great-grandparents would do faced with the internet, cell phones, or microwave popcorn? Suffice to say, they’d be all like, “What the wut?!”

Right now, we’re learning ever more about science and the Universe – at an ever-more rapid pace. Our idea of “reality” is being turned on its head with the discoveries within quantum physics. Hey, it’s always a good idea to take the brain out for a spin and stretch it a little bit – so here are a few fun facts to get you rethinking your own daily reality.

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Back in school, we learned that everything – including ourselves — is made up of atoms. But only 1% of each atom has actual “stuff” in it, i.e. the trinity of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The rest of it? Empty space. And if you were able to eliminate that empty space from every person on the planet, what would be left would fit…into something the size of a sugar cube. Now do you understand why your BFF has told you that you don’t need all those shoes?


You think that Big Brain of yours is in charge? Not so fast: research has shown that our unconscious mind makes the decisions before our consciousness even has a chance to weigh in. Which begs the question: just where are those thoughts coming from?  Hmmmm….


Every five seconds, over half a million chemical reactions occur in the body. In those same five seconds, the Universe has expanded by about 46 miles. That would be one heck of an Uber charge if you had to get somewhere.


Many physicists have demonstrated that humans create their own reality – in a literal sense. There are many theories around the idea that past, present, and future don’t exist separately: it’s all happening at the same time. Oh, and on the same tip, our “reality” only exists …when we actually look at something. So does that mean if we don’t look at the scale the extra 10 pounds don’t exist?


In her hit song, “Woodstock,” Joni Mitchell sang, “We are stardust.” And it’s true: nearly everything on earth, including your body, stems from the residue of exploding star matter. That happened nearly 14 billion years ago (but you don’t look a day over 6 billion).

There you have it: proof that we don’t know everything, not by a country mile. And we probably never will. But ponder these fascinating ideas that quantum physics may inspire.

-Cindy Grogan

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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