3 Signs The Universe Is Trying to Help You

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1. Things Fall Apart

It may not look like it, but one of the strongest signs that the universe is trying to help you is when strange misfortunes hit you when you thought everything was going so well.

Before great things start to happen, good things fall apart. They come completely undone so they can be put together again in the best way.

You get a new job that you believed would turn your situation around only for something terrible to happen you lose the job.

You find the person you thought was the love of your life only for them to be taken away from you.

Sometimes when things fall apart, it’s just the universe’s way of telling you that this job, this person, or this thing you’re getting attached to is not for you and could lead you down the wrong path. So it gets taken away so you can focus on the most important things.

When things are falling apart, you may not actually see that they are falling into their right place.

Many misfortunes are blessings in disguise.

You get fired and you must figure something out quick and so you start a business that grows so big you never have to work for another person. You lose the person and you focus on your soul’s mission only to run to someone who is more aligned with you and your goals.

When things fall apart, it’s an opportunity to change the old and build something new.

The crack and crevices that are left when things fall apart provide pathways for all sorts of things to enter. Knowledge, wisdom, and light can enter where there’s a pathway. The light can shine through to help you see all the things that were hidden in the darkness of the mind.

Things fall apart so you can see the difference when it falls back together.

So when you’re losing everything; when everything in your life seems to be falling apart, don’t fear. Consider the possibility that it was knocked down on purpose not to punish you for something you did, but to build something way better to help you fulfill your life’s purpose.

Trust the process.

It’s better to sit back and wait for things to fall together perfectly for you than to rush into something that’s not meant for you and have it all fall apart.

2. People Bring Messages

One of the easiest ways to get guidance from the universe is to listen to the things people randomly say to you. The universe will always get people to tell you what you need to know when you need to hear it.

These aren’t always messages you want to hear, but they tell you anyway.

At any point in time, the universe can move a person to tell you exactly what you need to hear to help you deal with something you’re going through.

The universe wants you to always remember your calling. It will use other people to call you out of your ways into a role it has waiting for you.

People are messengers, and triggers are messages. The universe can send people to trigger you so you can address and heal certain things. It will send messengers to bring you out of your confusion into clarity.

The benevolent universe will use people to get you on the right path. The malevolent universe will also use people to distract you from the right path. It’s just a matter of discernment and figuring out who sent who. It’s also about learning to filter wisdom from white noise.

Anyone can become a vessel or messenger, so don’t judge a person by their appearance.

The monkey mind will often resist messages coming from another person you don’t consider good enough to be used by the universe. This is a way of the ego to interrupt, interpret or try to twist the truth so you just remain snugged in your comfort zone.

You must listen to your heart.

When you get a message, receive it and then weigh it against your heart. If a message doesn’t resonate, discard it quickly. The truth will always resonate with your heart.

When the universe sends a messenger, it may not be the thing you want to hear, but it’s the thing that will help you get where you need to go.

3. You Get Lucky Breaks

Even if you’re a cynic and don’t believe in karma, the number one rule of spirituality is that there are no coincidences in life. And you reap what you sow.

Don’t think that the universe just pushes spiritual people to their limit without anything in store for them.

There are many profound moments in our day that go unnoticed, but even when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and are stuck in the heart of the earth, the universe always has your back.

It’s one thing to just visualize something into existence, but it’s another thing when things happen serendipitously without doing anything for it.

Good things sometimes happen because you deserve it. It happens because you persevered and didn’t give up when everything was falling apart.

Good things happen because the universe really has your back and wants to help you. The universe knows your needs before you do. It knows what you need to enable you to do the things you came here to do.

When you’ve done the work, the universe will reward your effort in this lifetime or the next.

What goes around comes back around. No matter how long it takes to come back around, it comes back to you. The good you’ve done comes back.

The blessings come, but they’re sometimes missed because you’re expecting something big and flamboyant. Remain observant of all the things — small and big — that are happening in your life and you’ll see how blessed you are.

If you notice the small things that happen and you acknowledge and are grateful for them, you’ll notice the bigger signs of divine guidance and assistance start to amplify.

-Kimberly Fosu

Photo: Gerd Altmann

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