The Staycation: Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

Vacations are synonymous with taking a flight to a different time zone, country, or, perhaps, even continent.

But the awe-inspiring sense of wonder that comes from breaking out of your routine and taking in different scenery could be captured within your own town through a “staycation.”

The concept of traveling in your own town is not new. But staycationing as a trend has been on the rise in recent years — particularly since the pandemic made seismic alterations in day-to-day life. According to a survey in Travel Pulse, an estimated 173 million people in the U.S. alone are considering a staycation in 2022.

There are a number of benefits to a staycation:

Growing your sense of community

In the hustle of daily life — work, errands, and assorted commitments — it’s all too common to overlook many of the amenities and attractions in your community. You simply haven’t had time to really explore or utilize them.

During a staycation, you’ll experience your town through a whole different lens. Visiting a local attraction you’ve never been to before — such as a museum, cultural center, nature preserve, or even a park — is a great way to vacation in your own town. This is also a great time to consider volunteering with a local organization, like a community garden or food pantry. You’ll get those “feel good” benefits back many times over and perhaps meet new friends in your area.

Another idea to consider is staying somewhere outside your own home  (hotel, bed and breakfast, etc.). You’re contributing to your own local economy while enhancing the staycation experience.

Fewer logistical headaches

Flying to the other side of the globe can definitely be fun. But it also has its share of stressors. You have to consider the status of your passport, what to pack, airfare, lodging, and a whole host of other considerations. And don’t start on the numerous flight delays and cancellations travelers are currently faced with.

By contrast, a staycation is far simpler, requiring far less logistical maneuvering and planning.

Traveling in your own town also is significantly cheaper, even if you factor in lodging, dining out, admission costs, and other considerations. Again, anything you spend locally directly benefits your own community.

It still has all the benefits

Most people travel for a change of pace and to explore new scenery. Both can be accomplished through a staycation. Taking your mind off your to-do lists, retreating from the daily grind, and unplugging can also be accomplished by staying closer to home (just be sure that your staycation isn’t clogged up with chores you’ve been putting off!).

With a little planning, you’ll emerge from a staycation with the same refreshed outlook that comes from traveling points far and away. But you’ll more than likely have a renewed appreciation for your own hometown that can change your whole outlook for years to come

-Dave Fidlin




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