Start Your Day With Optimism: Four Tricks

Routines. We all have at least one but how many of us have a daily routine or habit geared towards having an optimistic day? Many people automatically wake up on Monday mornings dreading the day and the entire work week, for that matter. While you may not have any control over certain circumstances, you can take control by developing habits to improve your mental well-being and possibly propel you into changing your life’s direction for the better.

Dream About Your Future

It’s okay to daydream. In fact, how can you broaden your horizons if you have no vision for it? Try purposeful meditation with the intention of seeing yourself at a stage in life where you would like to be. Before or during hectic or challenging moments, allow your mind to drift away even for a second or two to that special goal. Whether it’s a move to another state, obtaining a degree, or simply a dream vacation, take the time to envision. It will lift your spirits and motivate you even more. Visions bring a sense of purpose, excitement, and optimism.


Yes, read. It’s said that the average CEO reads an average of 60 books per year. Imagine how many ideas are contained within the pages of just one book? At least one idea can be found in one book that could spark your interest, give insight or inspiration big enough to place a smile on your face. Don’t worry about the volume or variety of information in the books. Just focus on reading for a single idea or insight.

Write About What Excites You

Maintaining a sense of optimism takes practice but it is a practice well worth the peace of mind that comes with it. Remaining calm or happy is not easy when thrust into a day filled with chaos and conflict. Re-directing focus is important especially when times seem dark and personal problems look like they will never end. However, things do change. Life is a cycle. Think about what is working in your life or what you would like to create. Write about it. It can be energizing.

The Joy of Movement

Put on some high-energy music and dance like nobody is watching. Move and shake those hips. Laugh at your clumsy Tik-Tok dance move attempts. Take a brisk walk while enjoying some fresh air. Clear your head as you get those joints and muscles moving. It’s way healthier than a shot of caffeine. Sometimes a relaxed mind is the gateway to positive thoughts and ideas. All it takes is 5 or 10 minutes out of the day — and the positive payoff lasts much longer.

Optimistic people take responsibility for their lives and moods. They make things happen through action and sheer determination. Small habits like these might seem insignificant, but when enacted over time you’re bound to see your emotional vibes change, training yourself to look outwards and upwards to new and endless possibilities.

-Sharon Oliver



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