4 Kitchen Essential for a Greener Lifestyle

When it comes to green kitchen essentials, making better choices in sustainability is not only good for the planet but it feels good, too.  Here are some great ways you can begin to build a high-quality green kitchen.

 Choose glass over plastic

If you’ve been buying plastic cups and bottles, this really damages the earth. Plastic releases gasses over time and you end up inhaling it or drinking it directly from the containers. Opt for reusable glass containers/drinking glasses whenever you can.

Better Home and Gardens states that “Glass containers with airtight lids remain one of the best ways to store leftovers. Other ways to avoid single-use storage include beeswax wrap, which creates a tight seal on bowls and can be hand-washed and reused. Instead of disposable plastic baggies, choose silicone bags that can be heated or chilled, stand up on their own, and zip closed. Stainless-steel containers are another reusable option that’s lightweight and unbreakable.”

Stop Buying Paper Towels

If you’re like most people, you use up plenty of paper towels each day without even thinking. Paper goods (that include paper towels) are responsible for about 11-14 % of deforestation globally. Because paper towels are single-use, they’re not recyclable. A great, eco-friendly alternative is the Wet & Stone Organic Cotton Dishcloth.

Rolling Stone also suggests “Swedish Dishcloth Cellulose Sponge Cloths.” Regular cotton dishcloths are great, but soak up a ton of water very quickly. These multi-use cloths are made of a cellulose sponge material, which makes it easier to sop up messes and can be used to scrub dishes as well as countertops.

Use a food hugger to prevent food waste

Do you ever eat half of an apple or pear and throw it in the fridge only to take it out later and find it’s already turning brown? Once the fruit is opened it spoils at a faster rate. To minimize this, consider getting “food huggers.”

Forbes mentions “A Sensible Solution is Food Huggers: Fruit And Veggie Huggers. It’s time to add Food Huggers to your arsenal of sustainable kitchen products. A set comes with five reusable silicone food savers (aka “huggers”) in a variety of sizes, so you’ll be able to cover a half-eaten banana just as easily as a sliced green pepper.”

Know which kitchen products are actually eco-friendly

When you’re shopping for green kitchen supplies, you want to be certain as to which products are really worth investing in. Remember that the characteristics should be written on the products. They include words like sustainability, eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, compostable, containing non-toxic ingredients, made from recycled materials, and eco-friendly packaging.

Now that you’re more familiar with the types of supplies available for a greener lifestyle, start transforming your kitchen today, one organic sponge or fruit hugger at a time. Begin slowly, and have fun with it!

-Blue Bliss


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