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6 Small Changes That Will Boost Your Mood

More often than not, the spaces you live and work in reflect how you feel on the inside. When your day feels a little disorganized, part of it may stem from a sense of disorganization around you. If you’re struggling with your emotions or productivity, the first thing to do is look around. You’re likely to notice something missing or out of place.

This concept of the “outside influencing the inside” is subtle but true. The ancient art of feng shui has long stated that our surroundings impact our wellbeing, job, love life, and more. So here are a few simple changes you can make to your space that will go a long way in elevating your mood.

1.    Organize your space

Whether you are taking a day off or working on your assignment, organizing your space is a great mood booster. It offers a clearer “picture” of things and makes it easier to find whatever you need. That alone is worth it, especially since it saves you aggravation.

2.    Add a plant (or two)

Adding greenery to your space adds “life.” If you’ve been thinking of becoming a “plant parent,” this is the time to get one.

Plants are good for “indoor air” — and the process of watching it grow offers satisfaction and accomplishment, both of which are great for your mood.

3.    Buy a Coffee Table

OK, it doesn’t have to be a coffee table but freshening up your space with a new piece of furniture does wonders in making things feel new. Plus, a little splurge is always fun.

4.    Get into some chores

Find one that doesn’t feel too much like work and immerse yourself in it.

The task you pick should have a tangible impact; this way, it’s easy to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back when it’s completed.

5.    Rearrange a closet

Most people plan this task but rarely do it. Organizing a closet — even a small one — brings a sense of achievement. Clearing a closet also tends to “clear your mind” — and the opportunity to donate things you no longer need. The fact that someone else can benefit from those items is an extra bonus.

6.    Declutter

What things have been in your house for longer than you can remember? Which ones do you use, and which ones require dusting before you can even hold them? Let these questions guide your decluttering process.

However, before you decide to keep something, define whether it’s genuinely needed or sentimental — or maybe you’re tipping into a little “hoarding” mentality.

Making little changes like these to your indoor space go a long way in making your day brighter, more productive, and pleasant.

-Wahu Kariuki

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

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  1. Cathy Colby-Grauer

    It is nice to read the techniques which I have unconsciously utilized for many years. They are especially helpful in our current situation.

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