Wild Woman Wisdom: Can You Talk to The Animals?

Editor’s Note: In this short podcast episode from Wild Woman Wisdom, Judy Rae talks to Cindy Grogan — a psychic and Animal Communicator. Is it possible to “talk” to our animals? And how, exactly, does that work? Cindy explains how a connection with our critters is healing (and fun) in more ways than one. Woof. Meow.

-The NwP Team


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1 comment on “Wild Woman Wisdom: Can You Talk to The Animals?

  1. Robert Bolon

    The Cindy Grogan and Judy Rae interview is well worth the listening time especially for animal lovers seeking serenity and peace involving departed pets. Also for living pets, valuable advice and observations to enhance one’s animal consciousness.The “proper” timing of psychic readings with respect to animals (and humans) passed seems challenging given the heavenly transition period covered in earlier discussion. How does one determine a proper time for a reading of the recently passed?

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