Using Color Therapy In Your Home

It’s crazy to think that everything around us stimulates our brains and inadvertently affects us, but truth is, it does. But, the stimuli around you don’t always have a negative effect. Sometimes the smell of brewing coffee can immediately boost someone’s mood. And the science of color can do the same thing.

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With your home, it’s important to think about the effect of color on your mood. You don’t want to live in a place that makes you feel sad or angry. You want a place that feels happy, relaxed, and comfortable.

Here are suggestions on how to get the most out of your space.

Go For Blue In The Bedroom

Blue is calming, which makes it perfect for the bedroom. All shades of blue can work to relax and put you to sleep. A soft blue can make the room feel airier, whereas a darker cobalt blue can feel more cozy and cavernous. It’s all about preference.

Greens Of All Shades

The color green is a great one to incorporate into your house. Soft greens such as sage make a room feel open and natural. Darker greens work to bring the outdoors in. By mixing and matching these throughout the home, through paint, decor, and houseplants, it brings a cozy yet  “naturesque” vibe to your home.

Throw In Some Yellow And Orange

Yellow and orange are friendly, happy colors. They work well to boost the overall energy in the home. Too much yellow and orange can be a bit overwhelming, so try painting a feature wall in one of these colors, while leaving the rest neutral. Or simply decorate with some orange and yellow throw pillows.

 A Little Red — But Not Too Much

Just like yellow and orange, red is a powerful color. Actually red IS the power color. It can help to energize and motivate so it’s a great color to throw in a home gym or office. However, if you’re prone to stress or anger, red may not be the best color to have around you. Be sure to limit the red and add in some other colors, as well. Pink is a good substitute if red is too much for you, and has a happy effect similar to yellow.

White Is Clean

White, of course, is the color of purity. It pairs well with everything and it makes spaces feel bigger than they are, which is great if you’re decorating a tiny apartment. However, too much white can be overstimulating and it can be a pain to keep clean, so you’ll have to consider your lifestyle before you set out to decorate.

Purple For Creativity

The color purple is associated with creativity. This is an ideal color for anyone who is making a living in the arts, but it can also boost people’s problem-solving abilities. Because it is similar to blue, it also promotes relaxation, just in a “fun” way.

-Laurie Riihimaki

Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash

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