The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Cleaning with Lysol, as lemony-fresh as it may leave your house, isn’t always the healthiest – especially for pets and kids. Products that use bleach are even worse when you consider that food sometimes drops onto countertops, and you’re then ingesting some of what you clean with. Most stores carry the high-chemical formulas because they’re the most “effective,” but more natural and sustainable options are starting to pop up as strong alternatives. Here are eco-friendly cleaning products that are both kind to the planet and ensure everyone in your home stays healthy.

Seventh Generation

We’re personally obsessed with the stain-fighting lavender laundry detergent by Seventh Generation, which smells like a dream and feels like one on sensitive skin! They also carry personal hygiene products for women and all-natural diapers, which is a plus. This leader of the eco-friendly cleaning movement is definitely here to stay.

Method Home

You’ve probably seen Method on the shelves of your local store. They check all the boxes, from recycled packaging to extremely aromatic products. You’ll never miss that Pine-Sol smell again with their naturally sumptuous scents. From squirt and mop liquids to all-purpose sprays, bathroom cleaners, and laundry detergent, this line has everything you need.

Vermont Soap

This line of 100% natural, certified organic products includes effective cleaners that rely on organic coconut, olive, and essential oils, plus other natural ingredients. The cleaners work great on all household surfaces – counters, woodwork, floors, tile. Plus, they’re manufactured by a dedicated local team that follows all practices to ensure they’re USDA Organic- compliant. And they smell awesome!

Mrs. Meyers

We discovered Mrs. Meyers through their dish soap and hand soap products that clean but never dehydrate the skin. The company was started by Thelma Meyer, a woman with nine kids; clearly, her lifestyle necessitated products that weren’t toxic to little ones, but still got the job done. Now we get to reap the benefits of her hard work and enjoy incredible floral scents from peony to honeysuckle.

JR Watkins

If you thought “sustainable cleaning” was a new fad, you’d be wrong. JR Watkins has been around for a century and a half. You might know them for their soothing lotions and invigorating scrubs, but the brand has a high-quality line of cleaning products with scents that are mild but rejuvenating, like Aloe and Green Tea.


This brand has chic packaging that will look high-end in any kitchen, but the thing that really stands out about this natural brand is that it’s resource-negative. Their products are made out of 97% food waste — which mostly came from the Manhattan office of Google! It uses active ingredients like lactic acid and alcohol through a closed-loop manufacturing process to reuse food that would have ended up in a landfill. The relative approach towards sustainability and refillable aluminum bottles make Veles a keeper.


It can feel impossible to find a carpet and upholstery shampoo that’s chemical-free and good for the environment. Puracy is a brand that does all that and gives back to the community by donating their products to local families in need. Their biodegradable formulas are pure. Plus, their marketing and photography are completed by fans all over the United States, and packaging art is done by local artists.

-Naima Karp




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