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Somatic Experiencing: A Breakthrough for Trauma

Everyone has experienced some form of trauma in their life. There are others, such as veterans, who have suffered it to an extraordinary degree and it impacts their lives on an often crippling basis.

While we’re more sensitive these days to the issues surrounding trauma, healing it is still an ongoing discussion. There are treatments including talk therapy, medication, and even psychedelics; somatic experiencing is another path that helps people release the deep physical effects of trauma. We tend to think that trauma is mostly emotional or mental, and while that’s true, those feelings are frequently stored in the body. Somatics is a gentle way of bringing those physical wounds to the surface and letting them go.

Our friends at Healing Quest TV have been on to a wide variety of subjects waaaay before the rest of us caught on. They’re celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, so we wanted to share one of their Greatest Hits. Enjoy!

-The NwP Team

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