Simon Sinek Says We Got Global Warming Wrong

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Simon Sinek has a way of seeing through an issue and communicating it in a fresh, piercing way. And this time he’s taken on global warming.

Global warming has a marketing problem.

We’ve learned the hard way that, unfortunately, people aren’t going to just jump on the environmental bandwagon because scientists said they needed to. That’s just not human nature. People need to be convinced, inspired, sold and left to feel like they’ve decided to act out of their own free will and self-interest.

From global warming to climate cancer

In 1975, US Scientist, Wallace Broecker, used the term “global warming” in a scientific paper, and the rest is history. The term became part of our global lexicon, and the results were… confusing.

The way we’re measuring progress is all wrong.

If the first point from Sinek was about how to effectively market the need to address climate change, this point is about how to ensure ongoing action to heal climate cancer.

Like viewing the graphs of daily coronavirus cases, people need to understand how we can flatten the curve of climate cancer and environmental damage today, this week, this month, and this year. What actions can I take today, and what results will I see and feel tomorrow?

We’ve got a lot wrong with global warming. We’ve assumed that people will just “get it” and act in line with the most altruistic aspects of human nature. But they haven’t. We haven’t.

-Michael Touchton

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