Kemetism: An Ancient Tradition Perfect for Now

Human well-being and spirituality have a positive relationship. Since time immemorial, every religion and civilization has recognized the importance of attaining the right balance of body, mind, and spirit. In the ancient Egyptian culture too, which is considered to be among the world’s oldest, spiritualism is stated as a means of human well-being. In recent years, Kemetic spirituality, a belief system based on ancient Egyptian philosophy, has gained significant popularity.

The word “Kemetic” is derived from the word “Kemet”, an old name for Egypt itself. Followers of Kemetism are known as Kemetic, a system that is based on the core principles of “ma’at”.

Kemetic spirituality primarily follows seven core principles of ma’at that are believed to be the guiding force for all of humanity and the laws of the universe. These principles borrow heavily from traditional African spiritual practices. In modern times, Kemetism was revived in the 1970s and became mainstream sometime in the 1980s with the efforts of an early Kemetic leader, Tamara L. Siuda.

Seven Principles of Kemetic Spirituality

The goal here is to achieve a harmonious balance between the practical and spiritual existence of mankind. Every soul is supposed to follow these principles in order to live a life of peace and happiness.

Truth: All living beings are sacred and deserve to be treated with respect. Hence, believing in goodness, as we live our lives, we should be able to distinguish between the real and unreal.

Justice: Everyone should be treated equally, irrespective of where they come from. We all deserve an equal opportunity to do the best we can with our talent and skills to succeed in life.

Harmony: Symbiotic relationships between humans and nature form the basis of this principle. For this harmony, Kemetic spirituality emphasizes the need to be true to oneself. True harmony is found when all the elements of nature are in their authentic form.

Balance: The universe consists of contrasts, such as life and death. Perhaps it is the balance of the opposites that keep this world going. As humans, we need to be aware of our contrasting internal and external worlds and should strive to align ourselves in such a manner that we are able to maintain a balance between the two.

Order: Living a clutter-free life physically as well as mentally brings a sense of order. Getting rid of excess and clarity of thoughts are essential to a peaceful state of being.

Reciprocity: We should remember that life is about give and take; what goes around comes around. Living a balanced life, being aware of this principle helps us choose the right path for us and our close ones.

Propriety: It is the conscious avoidance of causing harm to oneself or others.

There are ways to practice these seven basic Kemetic principles in our daily lives. The first one is to pray. According to Kemetism, we should not only pray for ourselves but also for others. One should pray not only for the present but also for the future.

The balance of the body, mind, and spirit is very important in Kemetism. According to it, our bodies are our temples. We should treat it as such—that is, with dignity, taking care of both our physical and mental wellbeing. To accomplish this, it suggests we meditate on a regular basis. This will not only help us to relax but will also bring us closer to our spiritual selves.

In Kemetism, the supreme creator embodies both male and female characteristics. The Goddess Ma’at is depicted wearing a wing feather on her head. The feather belongs to a male ostrich. Thus, anyone who practices Kemetism should also apply this principle to their everyday lives. This will help them strive for harmony and peace not just in their lives but also in society in general.

-Rachna Singh

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

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