How CBD Oil Can Help Diabetes

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Editor’s Note: While this information is by no means a substitute for professional medical care, we thought this submission from a reader on her own experience treating diabetes with cannabis was worth a read. Naturally, consult your own physician if this is something you’d like to explore further.


Diabetes is a prevalent chronic disease that affects the body’s sugar regulation. This could be due to the pancreas failing to produce enough insulin to break down the sugar present in the bloodstream, or the insulin being in short supply.

When this condition is not controlled, it leads to damage of other vital organs and systems in the body. This overabundance of blood sugar stresses the nervous system, the cardio system, the blood vessels, and the kidneys.

When the sugar level is too high, insulin decreases significantly. Hence, you need to add more through injections or pills. These health care practices have worked so far, but is there something more that can be done? Can CBD help diabetes patients rebalance their blood sugar?

Let’s look at CBD for diabetes as an option to treat the disease and the ways that it helps to rebalance blood sugar.

To better understand how CBD drops diabetes, you must fully understand the types of diabetes and how they present themselves.

The Types of Diabetes

Type 1

Type 1 is characterized by the body not producing insulin at all or in minimal amounts. It mostly happens in children and adolescents, but it could come at any age. To maintain an average insulin level, a person with type 1 diabetes has to take daily insulin shots.

Type 2

For this strain, your body simply does not use the insulin produced well. This type is common in adults who have an unhealthy lifestyle, this can be reversed when eating habits and lifestyles were fixed. To maintain a healthy glucose level, supplements or insulin are taken orally.


This condition develops during pregnancy and is attributed to a high blood glucose content in the mother’s body. This is a reason of concern during pregnancy, but it could fade after pregnancy. But there is a downside: the child in the womb is more susceptible to catching type 2 diabetes down the line.

So what does CBD do for diabetes?

How Does CBD Work for Diabetes?

Increases the body’s insulin sensitivity

Using the best CBD dabs can help manage type 2 diabetes. The cannabinoid THC helps in controlling the blood with sugar. It also has the effect of improving the body’s functioning capacity by producing more insulin to turn glucose into energy. And lastly, it causes a significant rise in adiponectin levels, a protein which helps in balancing blood glucose content.

As an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving remedy

CBD oil for diabetes is an excellent remedy for reducing inflammation due to diabetes complications. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties keep neuropathic pain, muscle, and joint aches at bay. It helps to resolve swelling hands and feet, which are common among diabetic patients.

Cannabis helps to manage retinopathy

Retinopathy is a diabetic complication that affects the eyes, in which light-sensitive blood vessels at the retina become damaged. This may result in partial or complete blindness. This complication affects patients with diabetes types 1 and 2.

CBD capsules for diabetes have been created to prevent extreme loss of eyesight.

Cannabis lowers the risk of obesity

CBD aids the body to trim off cholesterol and unhealthy fats, and this consequently lowers the risk of becoming obese. Obesity raises the chances of a person getting diabetes type 2, but with CBD as medication, you can help rebalance your blood sugar and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Author’s bio: Rae_H has lived with diabetes type 1 since her adolescent years. However, she has seen a drastic improvement by using CBD products. Her blood sugar is well regulated, Rae_H rarely gets swellings, and all her bodily systems are functioning as they should.

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