Folks, Let’s Talk About “Lazy Living”

Have we become too comfortable with ‘lazy living’? Perhaps we’re embracing too many switches and buttons, too much comfort and pacification? This modern way of life seems to have made us less active and mindful.

Look, I can appreciate modern conveniences as much as the next person. However, I feel like things have become too convenient. With each generation, I see less work and more “wants”; maybe it’s just me.

We live in a day and age where many things are at our fingertips.  Everything is practically “On Demand” which can be super-convenient. However, I’m not so sure that it isn’t making us more dependent and — let’s just say it — lazy.

Our internet slows down or lags, and we freak out. Meanwhile, before the internet was so widely available, we went to libraries for information. If we wanted to see the newest movies, we went to a movie rental store or the theater; today, we can get online and watch millions of titles with little to no effort.

I’ve met far too many teens that don’t know how to wash dishes by hand. They can load and unload a dishwasher, but there are many complaints about that as well. We live in a world already moving so fast; maybe we should learn to slow down.

Again, I appreciate modern conveniences. But, between streaming networks, Uber eats and DoorDash, and online shopping, some people have no need to ever leave the house. I feel like that’s not very healthy, but that’s my opinion.

Here’s a true story. I was babysitting a couple of kids between the ages of 3 to 7 for a time. They’d come over with their little bookbags from home, but their prized possession seemed to be their Ipad. That’s totally cool; however, I was confused as to why these littles would rather watch YouTube videos of other kids playing with toys rather than playing with their own.

Perhaps it’s just me who feels like we’re becoming too lazy of a civilization. What happens if the grid goes down? More than anything, what happens to all of the younger generations when it comes time to get out into the adult world? However, there are some things we can do to help us reconnect with our “physical” real life.

Ways To Ground & Reconnect

We can enjoy these modern conveniences while remaining connected and “doing.” It truly is the little things that seem to have the biggest impact.

  • Bake a loaf of fresh bread, cakes, or cookies. Honestly, we can make something homemade once or twice a week to keep us in touch with living.
  • Learn a new hobby or get back into an old one. Try to choose something that connects you to real life and not to the internet.
  • Make art or let your creative side loose for a while.
  • Take more walks and spend more time outdoors whenever possible.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter, kitchen, or anywhere that needs help.
  • Dance like it’s nobody’s business.
  • Go see a live band rather than streaming it online.
  • Get in touch with nature.
  • Start a garden or plant things in pots.
  • Most of all, DO things. Be active and involved in this precious life, we’re only given one!

Too much in this world is considered disposable, tossed into the trash, never to be seen or thought of again. It breaks my heart to see others mindlessly discard perfectly good items because they didn’t “feel” like cleaning them, tightening a few screws or learning to make a minor repair.

I feel as though this article is something of a rant, so my apologies. But I’m worried about what this world will become if we maintain too much of a “lazy lifestyle.” Am I alone on this one?

-Elaina Garcia

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Elaina Garcia is a published writer in various niches. She has been studying and practicing plant medicine and natural healing for 15 years now. A New York native living far from her old home, she lives a sustainable lifestyle in her tiny home! Her writing career began a little over 4 years ago starting at the bottom and working her way up. Elaina is the author of children's educational books and a content creator with work on various sites

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