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Finding My Purpose: From Nail Salon to Eco-Business

Dee Tran arrived in America as a young immigrant from Viet Nam. She recalls all that her parents had to give up in order to come to this country. Since then, she’s devoted her life to “paying it forward,” making the world a little bit better, especially for future generations. Eco-consciousness is the very heart of her purpose. And a nail salon helped bring it into sharp focus.

“For five years, I’d been an at-home mommy, and I couldn’t leave them without the bright future they deserve. That was when I took a leap of faith and transformed my business. My solution? An eco-friendly nail salon, which became popular thanks to its sustainable approach.  We fully eliminated chemicals such as acrylics and harsh MMA (methyl methacrylate) formulas from the menu and added healthier options for our clients.  The idea was so successful that five months later, we opened a second salon. We knew this concept could grow even bigger.”

Dee’s passion for eco-friendly business led to creating The Earthly Company which creates beautiful, useful objects that also help combat climate change.

Since each of us generates an average of 4 pounds of waste every day, her purpose is to find innovative ways to reduce that. The Earthly Company is helping each of us do their part more easily – and with a little bit of style! (See some of their clever items here).

Her family’s Buddhist background also drives the ethics of The Earthly Company. Besides eco-consciousness, the company is rooted in core principles like respecting employees and customers, and being honest. It’s also about caring for the community and nature.

“Being a mom sure gets me thinking about upcoming generations and a prosperous future for our children.”

NowWithPurpose is proud to offer The Earthly Company’s line of products and to be helping Dee Tran towards her vision of a more sustainable future.

“We care about what our people consume, as well as their individual actions towards a sustainable future. Being earthly isn’t about our consumers, only. It’s about our whole planet.”

-The NwP Team


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