Cold Weather Activities That Will Do You Good

During colder weather, it’s hard to get up the motivation to leave the comfort of your home. But did you know that going outside — even when it’s still chillier than you’d like — can improve your overall wellbeing? And, when you stay indoors too long, depression can hit, causing fatigue and negative energy to enter your space.

According to Erica Price, a certified therapeutic recreational specialist at Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital notes that just being outdoors can reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, improve mood and focus, aid in healing, and help you to age gracefully.

We’ve put together a list of activities you can do outside of your home to help ward off cold-weather blues.

Go For A Snowshoe Hike

If you’re feeling up for an adventure, live in the right area, and have the right attire, a snowshoe hike is a great way to spend the afternoon. If you don’t own snowshoes, you can rent them from local businesses and trails that promote outdoor winter activities.

Be sure to start slow if you’re a beginner and it’s always a good idea to bring a buddy, a map, and plenty of water when disembarking on a hike.

Visit A Museum

If the weather is just too miserable to stay outside for long periods of time, consider a masked, socially-distanced visit to a local museum to check out a new exhibit. Museums have something for everyone whether you prefer music, history, or art.

Do a quick Google search to check out the museums near you or plan a road trip with a friend to check out one in a neighboring town. There are probably a handful you’ve never even heard of!

Jump In the Pool

Are you missing the summer? Well, you’re in luck because many gyms, hotels, and recreational centers have pools that have open swim hours for the public. Taking a gentle dip in the pool or doing some laps will help you get through until it’s actually warm enough for the beach.

As a bonus, many of these places have promotional deals if you sign up with membership rather than just paying for the day.

Join A Gym

As winter fades and spring beckons, we’re conscious that we can’t hide the cold-weather pudge under sweaters for much longer. That’s why joining the gym is the perfect motivation to get you out of the house and moving again!

Try Ice Fishing

If you don’t mind some time outside in the cold air, ice fishing may be a fun new activity for you. Depending on where you live, you can sign up for an ice fishing “derby” or just go and watch in order to learn from the best before jumping into the sport.

Just remember to always make sure the ice is thick enough before setting up to fish.

Take A Class

Recreational centers, libraries, gyms, and schools are just some of the places that have classes available for the public.

Whether you want to learn pottery, drawing, martial arts, or comic book writing, it’s guaranteed you can find a class to suit your needs.

Ice Skate

Ice skating is an activity for the whole family. And many towns have their own rinks, both indoors and outdoors, with open-skating hours where you can rent skates.

Not only will you get a great workout, but you’ll also get some laughs (and some falls). It’s a perfect way to get outside without freezing because you’re moving your body.

Do A Photoshoot

The wintertime can be cold, but it’s also beautiful. The wintry landscape (especially snow) makes for an ideal backdrop for a photoshoot: engagement photos, a family shoot, or just one with your friends.


During any time of the year, volunteering is a wonderful excuse to get out of the house. Not only will you be helping your mood, but you’ll be helping others.

To discover volunteer opportunities near you, call your local town office or school to see who is accepting new volunteers. You can also reach out to volunteer groups near you by doing a quick Google search for contact information.

Laurie Riihimaki

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