Chill and “Cheer” with Cannabis Beverages

Why waste your time on edibles or vapes when you could just drink up that “buzz”? If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, THC beverages are the latest way to discreetly consume cannabis. If you don’t drink, this is a perfect way to blend in seamlessly with the alcohol drinkers at your next get-together.

Thanks to advanced technology in the cannabis industry, these drinks taste just like a hard seltzer or cocktail but are infused with the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The micro-doses (2-10mg per serving) allow you to drink them as you would a beer.

From flavorless dissolvable powders to cannabis coffee, here are the tastiest and most cutting edge cannabis drinks in the market today.

Athelas Hot Cocoa – 100mg

Who doesn’t like a steamy cup of hot cocoa to warm them up at night? This THC-infused hot chocolate by Athelas contains 100mg of THC in the whole jar. It’s made with an Indica-dominant hybrid, making it the ultimate nightcap. The ingredient list is short and wholesome and it can also be used as a brownie mix.

Stillwater Brands Ripple pure Beverage Enhancer 100mg 10-pack

These dissolvable powder packets by Ripple contain 10g of THC per teaspoon, and promise “a consistent experience every time.” If you’re picky about your drinks or enjoy making your own instead, a powder like this is ideal. Plus, it’s great for on-the-go consumption if where you’re staying doesn’t serve cannabis-infused drinks or allow smoking.

Fresh Bombs Caramel CBD Coffee

Earning tons of positive reviews online, Fresh Bombs has created the genius invention we’ve been needing for years. CBD balances out the jittery, caffeinated experience of a cup of coffee. Brazilian, Colombian, Guatemalan beans all blend together to make for a complex brew that’s complemented with a velvety caramel sweetness.

Mood33 Calm Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Tonic

Mood 33 offers a whole line of sparkling infused tonics, and they’re all equally delicious. However, since we’re primarily using our drinks for stress relief, we’re in love with their Calm product, which contains 10mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD. Chamomile, hibiscus, and raspberries blend with terpenes for an unforgettable experience.

Simply Crafted CBD Fruit Syrup, 1000mg

These natural fruit CBD syrups can be used for anything. We’re thinking ice cream, yogurt, smoothies, and pretty much anything else. The water-soluble solution is made with full-spectrum CBD and has a dosing applicator so you can customize those milligrams to your heart’s desire. One reviewer says that they pair it with Red Bull to take the edge off.

ENJOY Cannabis Co. Indica Berry Shot, 50mg

There are energy drink shots and alcoholic shots, so why shouldn’t we get the canna version? ENJOY Cannabis Co has both an Indica Berry Shot to help you get some rest, and a Sativa Citrus Shot to energize you for the day. The dosage is a hefty 50mg, so unless you’re an extremely experienced user, we wouldn’t suggest downing it all in one go. Instead, break it into three to five portions.

-Naima Karp

Photo: Unsplash

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