Are Psychics Really “Real”?

We’ve all seen the storefront signs or TV commercials for “psychic readings.”  A bunch of psychics even have their own reality TV shows in which they dazzle total strangers with their insights, often when that stranger is just standing in line at the deli counter ordering up some pastrami.

Some folks swear by the information gleaned from Tarot cards, psychic, or other spiritual-type readings; others roll their eyes.

So the question is: are psychics a legit thing?

The answer is largely…sort of. There’s (sadly) a long history of con artists who prey on those seeking information or help with their life’s issues. However, there’s also a longer history of folks who are able to pick up on the subtle energy of people, places, and things and use it to provide astonishingly accurate information for various conundrums.

How the psychic “channel” works is hard to explain; perhaps it has something to do with a personal radar system that’s a bit more finely-tuned. Even science hasn’t quite pinned down the mechanics. Many psychics have offered themselves up as guinea pigs, being tested for accuracy in a laboratory setting; yet despite showing their abilities in a clinical setting, the answer to “how” it works has yet to be revealed.

If you’re “psychic curious” and interested in getting a reading, how do you know it will be legit?  Here are some tips (and full disclosure: I’ve worked as a professional psychic for decades, and have seen – and heard – it all).

  • Word-of-mouth referrals. This is always the best way to find a reader with a good reputation. If you don’t know anyone to ask, look for testimonials on their site, Yelp, and the like.
  • Check out their website or social media. You’ll get a better sense if they’re a good “fit” for your style. Some folks really like the “woo woo” factor; others just want it straight. It’s kind of like finding the right stylist or therapist. When it comes to a psychic, one size does not necessarily fit all.
  • Know why you want a reading. Just a general, “Oh, tell me anything…” is basically a party trick. Like going to a doctor, it’s far more helpful for you if you pinpoint specific issues or areas of your life that could use a look-see. The most typical are, in no particular order: love, money, career, health, family issues, and generally “am I on the right path?”
  • Find out what they charge. Legit psychics will have clear information on this in their ads or on their site. Those by-the-minute phone readers are more interested in keeping you on the line and running up a big bill; it’s their business model.
  • Ask if you can record your reading. It’s a good reference for the future. If you’re new to a reading, it will allow you to relax, knowing you don’t have to remember everything. And frankly, some information may not make sense at the time, but later on, you’re likely to have an “A ha!” moment.

Now, a few warning signs:

  • If a psychic tells you that you’re “cursed” or that there’s some “evil spirit” stalking you or your family, that’s one sign you should leave.
  • If a reader offers to remove a curse – for extra money of course – that’s another sign. On the flip side, if they offer to put a hex on someone who’s making trouble in your life, that’s never good. You’d be surprised how many vulnerable folks fall for these scams. I’ve seen it a thousand times, and they always feel sheepish admitting it. But I remind them that these sketchy psychics are playing on psychological fears. Just be alert and trust your gut if you get a bad or worrisome feeling.
  • No reputable psychic will predict upcoming death, for you or someone you love. That’s not in any honest psychic’s wheelhouse.

In these confusing days, many folks consider insight from a reputable intuitive a helpful source of information. It’s smart to recognize that it’s not the “only” source, but it can provide interesting new angles to consider when dealing with life issues. And let’s be honest: our lives have gotten exponentially more complicated in the last year or so.

The key thing to remember is that humans have this thing called “free will” – so nothing a psychic tells you is ever carved in stone. It’s a little bit like being on a road trip and following the GPS directions; if you hear that there’s a big traffic snarl up ahead, you can always change course, make a different decision to affect the trend lines of what a reader may tell you. Psychic information is one tool in this crazy journey we call Life – but the key to always remember is that you’re in charge.

-Cindy Grogan

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

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