Affirmations: A Powerful Tool for Change

Utilizing “affirmations” can be a game-changer. Simple, positive statements that we repeat to ourselves can turn negative thoughts into a powerful way to navigate the day, enhance our mood and overall well-being. Affirmations can help us to see situations through a different lens while helping us to grow.

Many people start their day with an affirmation to boost their mood before they leave the house. This can help negative ideas from sneaking into the day. Read on to find out how you can create the perfect affirmation to boost your mood.

Keep It In The Present

One of the most successful ways to feel the power of an affirmation is to use the present tense. Many self-affirmations start with “I am” but using other similar phrases such as “I feel” or “I can” also allow you to feel the same power.

Using the present tense is a great tool because it keeps us in the moment. It discourages us from stressing about future events or thinking about past moments we cannot change. Using the present tense in creating an affirmation, we’re focusing on what we have control over.

Think Positively

It’s no surprise that affirmations should be positive. The point of an affirmation is to make you feel good about yourself so anything that’s unsure or negative is off-limits.

Also, be sure not to include anything vague. There should be no questions regarding your self-affirmation. This is another reason why phrases such as “I am” –which are direct and focused — are best.

Short And Sweet Is Best

Along with positivity and present tense, keep your affirmation short and sweet. This will make it easy to remember so that you can repeat it every morning or whenever you’re in need of a boost.

Creating a short affirmation will also help to manifest the ideas behind it.. By saying something over and over, you begin to help transform it into truth, even if at first, you don’t truly believe what you’re saying.

 Let It Lead You To Take Action

Of course, manifesting what you want through an affirmation won’t be successful unless you take action too. Utilizing affirmations in order to reach goals you’ve set for yourself is a wonderful method.

Using affirmations routinely, you’ll be reminded of the goals you have in mind. It will also help you brainstorm new, creative ways to get to where you want to go; plus it will keep you focused on taking the necessary steps forward.

Feel It Out And Adapt It

Affirmations don’t have to stay the same. Just because you started with one mantra, doesn’t mean you have to stick with it forever. As humans, we go through phases, so it’s important to stay in the present and focus on how our words are making us feel.

Opening yourself up to the practice of using affirmations can benefit your growth in many ways. Allow yourself to remain mindful and don’t get caught up in finding the perfect words. This is something for you, not anyone else.

-Laurie Riihimaki

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