A Practical Guide to Living By the Moon


The idea of living by the phases of the moon may seem a little hippy-dippy. However, there is no denying that when “Mercury is in retrograde,” it becomes an excuse for every woe, bad decision, and unplanned mishap that befalls us.

So, it might make sense for us to take the phases of the moon into consideration when planning vacations, signing contracts or starting new ventures. Back in the day, the phases of the moon ruled the best times to plant/harvest crops – even when to cut hair. We all know how the moon affects ocean tides, moods, and female bodily functions. As “smart” as we may appear to be in the 21st century, there’s some wisdom to being at least a little bit aware of the role that the ancient silver orb in the sky plays in our daily lives. Don’t let it hang you up, but see if being more aware of the energy associated with different moon phases helps you handle your goals a bit more easily.


The New Moon

The new moon is all about the “new” (duh). This is the ideal time to articulate your goals by either writing them down or saying them aloud. This will help you clarify your goals, projects, and intentions. Think of this as the epiphany for moving forward before you take action.

Waxing Crescent Moon

This is when you take the intention that you identified during the new moon and start to form it with actions, whether it’s something as simple as a phone call or email or even buying new materials for a sewing project or home renovation. The idea behind this is that you are gathering all the supplies and energy you need in order to put your intention into action.

Waxing First-Quarter Moon

The waxing first-quarter moon is the time to pick up the pace with the project at hand. Take the momentum and use it to accelerate your intention.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

With the energy of the waxing first-quarter moon behind you and the full moon energy in front of you, this is the time to fix any little details with your intention. Add the finishing touches to a craft project or make sure all “T”s are crossed.

Full Moon

The full moon has a natural energy that allows for plans to come together without much effort as long as you’ve planted your “seeds” properly. This energy, however, is also very emotional. It’s a good time to think of the “good vs the bad” or what things and people are serving you — and which are not.

Waning Gibbous Moon

Now is a good time to turn internal and maybe skip going out for a day or two. “Waning” is all about “decreasing.” Look inside to see what’s no longer serving you and then get rid of it. This can be anything from a friendship to a habit or a job — even old clothes you no longer wear.

Waning Last-Quarter Moon

Stemming from the waning gibbous phase, this is the time to actively finish severing those ties with things that do not serve you, and accepting a new way of life.

Waning Crescent Moon

When the moon is almost new again, take time for yourself. This is a great period for “alone” time and finding energy within yourself rather than from outward socialization. Clear your head, meditate, refresh and refocus so that you’re ready to clarify new intentions during the upcoming new moon.

-Laurie Riihimaki

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels


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