6 “Snack Size” Wellness Podcasts To Pick You Up

Podcasts are a great way to relax, learn, or develop an interest. There are many great wellness podcasts available to help you improve your health and happiness. Just put your headphones in, let the host do the talking, and soak up that wisdom. You can implement them as part of your commute, or in the background of other tasks, to ensure you get a daily dose of self-care.

Most podcasts last on average 20 minutes but there are also many shorter, snappier podcasts to fit into smaller pockets throughout your day. Whether it’s nutrition advice, affirmations, mindfulness, or cultivating a positive mindset, everyone can find 5 to 10 minutes to hear some wellness tips and tricks.

The beauty of these shorter podcasts is that they can easily slide into your routine to improve your morning and evening rituals or replace negative habits. For example, if you automatically reach for your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning, try putting a short podcast on straight away and prep yourself for the day. Or make your morning coffee break even richer by playing affirmations to create a positive mindset. They’re a great way to reflect, refresh and reset.

6 Recommendations

 Here are 6 podcast recommendations to dip into when you’re tempted to doom-scroll through your socials, are looking for a quick reset, or want to implement something new into your routine. They are all around 5 to 10 minutes long.

For Affirmations: The Affirmation Babe

 In this podcast, Ashely Dianna reads a series of beautifully written positive affirmations that will give you the confidence to be or do anything you want in life. Whether it’s ‘releasing perfectionism for mammas’, ‘launching your online businesses, or desiring ‘clear and radiant skin’, she’s likely to have covered every one of your niche affirmation needs.

For Healthy Eating: The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips

 Monica Reinagel, known as ‘nutrition diva’, serves up short and simple ways to improve your eating habits in this series. Each episode separates food facts from fiction and gives you an easy and painless way to eat a little healthier.

For Positivity: Everyday Positivity

Everyday Positivity hosted by Kate Cocker is a show to help you start your day on the right foot. Her reflections, quotes, and nuggets of wisdom are perfect to listen to whilst having your breakfast or getting ready. She encourages listeners to pay attention to the way they speak to themselves, and every Sunday provides a journaling prompt so you can end your week on a reflective and inspired note.

For Self-Development: Good Vibes, Good Life

 This podcast is hosted by Vex King, a mind coach and number one bestselling author of the books Good Vibes, Good Life and Healing is the New High. In this series, he shares his knowledge in short and sweet episodes. He brings together spiritual, philosophical, and psychological ideas to inspire you to live a more positive life. Both comforting and motivating, this podcast is bound to upgrade your day.

For Mindfulness: Radio Headspace

Headspace is the go-to meditation app for many, but if you want to dig a little deeper into mindfulness outside of the realm of traditional meditation practice then this podcast is for you. Every weekday morning a host from the Headspace team invites you to step away from internal chatter and external noise and pause for a moment. The podcast considers what brings us together in this shared human experience and reflects on how we can live a mindful and fulfilling life.

For your morning routine: Wake Up/ Wind Down

Wake up/ Wind Down is a ‘twice daily hug for the mind’ hosted by Irish mental health advocate and public speaker Niall Breslin. Every weekday morning and evening this podcast provides beautifully crafted audio. Set against the backdrop of relaxing music, Niall’s soothing voice allows you to begin the day in a positive frame of wind and refocus and collect your thoughts once the day is over. It’s the perfect way to start and end the day and an important reminder to take some time for yourself and engage with how you’re feeling.

-Heather Grant

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